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Festival 2013 Workshops


Festival Dreams: Anne Di Lauro

While we are at the Festival, we shall experience a heightened awareness of both the outer landscape of the beautiful Numinbah Valley and the inner landscape of our journeys with the animals.  Such heightened awareness can influence our dreams.  On our first evening at the festival Anne will lead a brief dream “incubation” (a means of inviting a dream used by the ancient Greeks at their healing sanctuaries) and invite you to note the dreams that you have while you are at the festival. In this workshop, we shall share these dreams (or perhaps dreams that you have had beforehand) with each other.  The workshop is open to anyone. You do not need to have had a dream in order to attend.

Anne Di Lauro is a psychotherapist who practises from a Jungian perspective.  For the past fifteen years she has been immersed in working with dreams using the Embodied Imagination method of dream work developed by Jungian analyst Robert Bosnak.


Mask Workshop: Monica Sharwood


 Workshop: The use of masks has been part of human culture for millennia. What is thought to be the oldest mask in existence is from 7,000 years BCE.  In many cultures masks are an integral part of rituals, religious and theatrical. The use of masks in ancient Greek theatre, Commedia del Arte, processions such as Carnivale and contemporary theatre are well known.  A question arises: Does the mask restrict behaviour to that consistent with performing a particular role, or does it free one to express aspects of personality usually held private, hidden,  unrecognised or disowned by the wearer? Come on a journey related to whichever aspect of mask you would like to explore, followed by decorating your own mask from materials provided.
Workshop numbers limited.

Monica Sharwood has been participating in Deep Interactive Imagery for over ten years and has attended international festivals in Germany, U.S.A., France and Austria. Having retired from private practice in psychology in Brisbane, Monica spends her time being a hands-on grandmother to two active boys, travelling, and pursuing  her goal of developing her creative side, most recently through millinery. Other media are yet to be explored. Monica has been on the committee of the C.G. Jung Society of Qld for several years and is currently the committee secretary.




Workshop Finding Your Center: Dianne Timberlake & Debra Vickroy

During the past year Dianne & Debra Vickroy have been co-leading a group focused on exploring through imagery, the elements of personal Shadow that prevent us from living fully with our whole Selves.

In the workshop “Finding Your Center” you will have the opportunity to discover what it feels like to stand in the center of your own authentic Self and meet the guide willing to help you live courageously from that center whether you are surrounded by inner quiet or are feeling tossed about on emotional seas.


Dianne Timberlake

 is a California licensed marriage & family therapist who had the good fortune to be introduced to the imaginal animal guides in her own “Personal Totem Pole” thirty years ago in a workshop given by the founder of that imagery process, E. Steve Gallegos, Ph.D.

That workshop set her role as a therapist and her own personal growing on a new trajectory. The animal guides she met that day have comforted her tears, quieted her fears, applauded her achievements, and over the decades have expanded her sense of humor and ability to live more fully and authentically.



Debra Vickroy has a Masters of Science degree in Clinical/Community Psychology obtained in 1978. She was licensed by the state of California as a Marriage and Family Therapist in 1981.

Debra’s interest in imagery as a modality for personal growth began in graduate school with her thesis on the uses of imagery with children. She completed a three- year training program to become certified by the International Institute for Visualization as an Imagery Guide. She also completed training as a Workshop Leader and is presently working to become a Trainer in the Personal Totem Pole Process. In deep imagery, Debra offers individual sessions, workshops for personal growth, and deep imagery groups.  



Poetry: Helen Wilson 

The workshop is for readers, writers and lovers of poetry and words, and will include discussion of poetry in general, selecting and reading poems and writing haiku.

Helen Wilson is a Brisbane poet who writes about life and death in south-east Queensland and the beauty of the natural world and our place in it. Her first volume, Cross-Winds from the South-East, was published last year by Ginninderra Press.



 Weaving Workshop: Robin Davis and Lauren Jarrett

Weaving is a lifeline to our cultural ways, walking on land connects us to country, plants and animals, the changing seasons. Gathering the fibres together we form our cultural ties in relationship, we share through weaving, we learn knowledge about ourselves and the importance of ‘caring for country’.


Lauren Jarrett is a descendant of the Bundjalung, Gumbaingirri, Dunghutti People 

Robin Davis is a descent of the Yuin People on the far south coast




Psychodrama: Nadine Littledale

Psychodrama enables us to explore aspects of our selves, our relationships and our lives, in a safe and containing setting. It has the potential to be healing, creative & spontaneous. 

Spring is a time of renewal, the earth is coming alive after consolidating itself during Winter. In this workshop we can address our own renewal by exploring our sense of self, acknowledge significant elements in our lives through the creative medium of psychodrama.


Nadine Littledale is a social worker, person-centred psychodramatist, supervisor and trainer. She has 39 years experience in social work, psychodrama and psychotherapy working with children and adults in both government services and private practice. She has a daughter and 2 greyhounds and loves the smell of the gum trees.




Workshops on Compassion: Frank Coughlan

The Animal of Compassion for Others

Two workshops enquiring through imagery into the nature of compassion as expressed uniquely in our lives. All of us in healing and personal growth fields either naturally express compassion or cultivate it. But what is your particular expression of compassion? How do you show it? How do you continue to show compassion when suffering from around the world is constantly brought to your attention? When did compassion first enter your awareness? I remember it vividly at age seven, seeing a “man of the road” singing for drinks in a hotel in Ireland and then discovering that at the end of the night, he would find a hay barn somewhere to sleep while the rest of us returned to our cosy beds.

The Animal of Compassion for Oneself

What exactly is compassion for ourselves? How do you express that? How much was self compassion promoted as a value in your early life? Probably a lot less than compassion for others. Were you taught to put others before yourself? In a humorous  book by Irish writer, Flann O’Brien, an Irish peasant throws himself into a ditch at the side of the road on the approach of an English gentleman, so as not to dirty the road before him. Does fear of egotism prevent essential self-compassion? Isn’t “Love your neighbour as yourself” more koan than moral teaching?

The approach for both workshops is first to explore these questions and others that might arise and then, letting go of the questions, to invite the animal for each type of compassion to guide us on a journey into that energy within ourselves. As usual we will be open to what we might discover.

Frank Coughlan 

Frank currently works for Youth Connections North Coast in Lismore, NSW, as a counsellor and group worker. He is a trained guide in Deep Imagery. In Ireland, he worked for seven years as a social worker in child protection. In Australia, he spent seven years as a supervisor of counsellors at Kids Help Line as well as running a private practice in Deep Imagery work. He was president of the C.G. Jung Society of Queensland for five years.




Sprung!! dancers present "Encounter"


In this workshop you can allow an animal or character from your imagery to develop its own walk, sounds, and ways of being in the world. Then let your character move through a "day", out of its own space into a space of Encounter with others, and then back to your own space.


What might happen? We are the same, and yet we are not the same.


 Robyn Brady and Tara Coughlan: Sprung!! Dancers


Sprung!! Integrated Dance Theatre Inc is a group based in the Northern Rivers, comprised of young people with and without disabilities. See www.sprung.me for more information.

 Tara Coughlan  has been a student of dance for 14 years, currently training in hip-hop, contemporary dance and Zumba styles. She has performed with the Catalyst program in Sydney at 
Carriageworks and with members of the Australian Chamber Orchestra. She is a recipient of a Commonwealth Creative Young Stars award for dance. 




Make an Artists Book

Robyn Brady

Artist's Books

An artist's book turns the "book" into a personal 
creation, a repository for ideas and treasures, 
something that has been handled, folded, stitched, 
embellished, entered, whose creator can be felt as
you hold and handle it. In previous years I have run 
mixed paper collage workshops, but this time I would
 like to offer some ideas and materials for very simple
artists books to anchor an aspect of honouring self,
this particular time at Numinbah.

Robyn Brady Paediatrician and Creative Arts Practitioner. General Manager, Sprung!! Integated Dance Theatre Inc www.sprung.me robynbrady@fastmail.com.au




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