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2011 Festival of Imagery at Numinbah Valley

Yes, this year's festival is once again at our favourite venue: Camp Bornhoffen (Camp Two). We start on Friday 13 May and go to 1pm on Sunday, 15 May.

On the Friday, please arrive for registration from 5pm onwards. If anyone can come at 4pm to help with setting up, that would be appreciated.

We look forward to another great range of workshops with a common theme of imagery. The festivals are based on Deep Imagery, a healing and therapeutic process discovered by american psychologist, E. S. Gallegos. The process, discovered in the early eighties, facilitates access to healing and wise energies within each individual for personal growth and development.

The process occurs through imagery, specifically by inviting animals to come into our awareness with whom we then dialogue. We allow these animals or other images to become our inner guides taking us safely on a journey of discovery or development within ourselves. The dialogue is facilitated by a trained guide either in groups as in this festival  or in individual journeys.

Deep Imagery is a genre of personal growth mediated through imagery (obviously), the body, feelings, spirituality and energy. Consequently, we invite other facilitators using related growth work processes to join us in our festivals.

This year we are happy to welcome back Yildiz and Satish who work with Family Constellations.

New workshops this year include Djangawu who will facilitate a workshop on aboriginal spirituality through imagery.

We hope to have a workshop on Soul Collage but I am waiting for confirmation on that. Details of all workshops soon on this website.

I hope many of you will be able to attend. As usual, we expect to have a relaxed, friendly and growthful weekend not to mention healthy and tasty food by Jamie Baird and volunteers.

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