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13 to 15 April 2012 Festival Weekend: A Journey In Sound

The Australian Sound Institute is a recently-formed collaboration of musicians promoting deep inner work through music. I attended their workshop, "Singing The Soul Back Home" earlier this year and I was inspired to invite them to offer a workshop at this festival. Two members of the group, Kerrie and Purdie will present at our Imagery Festival. When I first enquired of Kerrie Ferguson about their work, she wrote:

Australian Sound InstituteThe Australian Sound Institute has been formed nine months ago by Chad Beckett, Purdie Wood, Cindy Wessling and myself. Here is a brief bio of the four of us: Chad and Cindy completed a two year Sound Healing training in Melbourne in 2009. Chad is also an experienced group facilitator running mens groups and acting workshops. Purdie has gained her experience in South America where she has trained in indigenous healing using intuitive sound medicine. She ahs also recently returned form the U.S.A. where she trained in soul retrieval with Sandra Ingerman. I have previously run Singing The Soul Back Home workshops in Sydney for three years before moving up here. I received my training and inspiration from attending the inaugural International Sound Healing Conference in Santa Fe in 2007 working with such sound healing pioneers as Jill Purce, Jonathan Goldman and Don Campbell.
What the four of us bring to our workshops, along with our training, is our passionate knowing and experience of sound as a profound medium for healing. (Kerrie Ferguson)

I have long been interested in the idea of inner work through music. Attending this workshop was the first time I had an opportunity to work in this way. This work will definitely appeal to anyone at the Highly Sensitive Person end of the human spectrum.

Feedback from an earlier workshop included this comment (coincidently by a fellow Deep Imagery enthusiast!):

"I loved Singing the Soul Back Home. The workshop was beautifully crafted and presented with real respect for the participants - it was an honour to be there. Using the voice in such an intuitive way was for me a very intimate and powerful experience. I felt that it went straight into my body - bypassing thought and I sensed healing at a deep level .......  There was a deep sense of connection to self and my experience was profound powerful and delightful!   Thank You" 


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