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Starting First Tuesday Imagery

The third Thursday Imagery group has been running for more than ten years now and it has evolved into a group where deep sharing is possible among the regular participants. I have decided to run another group on the first Tuesday each month to facilitate people who may be new to Imagery. Anyone may attend these new Tuesday evenings (at the same venue). A phone call or email would be appreciated if you intend to attend. Frst evening is free. $20 per evening for subsequent evenings.


The Festival

bluelizardlogo.gif2008 Australian Festival of The Animals

 Festival of Imagery

11-13 April 2008 

Many appproaches to personal growth involve imagery. Imagery work, as opposed to problem-solving approaches in counselling and therapy, tends to rely on a creative impulse from within that will heal or enable growth simply by trusting it.

The festival offers Deep Imagery workshops and other workshops using imagery in their process. For example, a Collage workshop facilitates a participant to create an image on paper. Or a Dream workshop obviously works with dreams. This year, a workshop in Family Constellations creates for some participants a dynamic energy image of their families. This is done by a participant nominating others to become significant family members in his or her story. Powerful underlying scripts come to the surface and deep changes are possible for the participant. The family constellations workshop at the festival offers an opportunity to explore this process. People who think it might benefit them can enroll in a full two-day workshop at a later date with the facilitator, Yildiz. Our Drum-Making workshop is less clearly linked to imagery except in the sense that rhythm can be considered a type of image.

But hey, who cares, the opportunity to make your own drum and learn to play it under the tutelage of Tunde Solanke is a good enough reason to be included in the festival line-up. 

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